Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Meatspace's Cheesy One Liners

Back when we were still making Meatspace, I drank too much coffee one day and wrote down cheesy one liners that our characters could deliver when killing people pretty hard. The list isn't meant to be complete. These would be reserved for the most brutal of takedowns, dismemberments and vaporisations. No one's making Meatspace any more so at least you'll get to see the cheesy one liners.

The Communist (a midrange gunsy type, speaks with passion, any accent but Russian)

"No justice, no peace!"
"Space capitalism must fall!"
"The final days of late stage space capitalism are here!"
"This is for the people!"
"We own our tools of production."
"You've been nationalised."
"Hammer and sickle and gun."
"The masses have spoken!"

The Professional (a longrange gunsy type, speaks with disgust, haughty)

"Am I the only professional here?"
"This is a hostile takeover."
"We're merging with you."
"We have to let you go."
"You've been laid off."
"The floating charge has crystallised."
"What is this amateur hour?"

The Nerd (hackery type, speaks like a fucking nerd)

"There was a bug in your code, I fixed it."
"Initiating garbage collection."
"Get rekt, noob!"
"Get on my level!"
"Your system has experienced a critical failure."
"I'm a nice guy!"
"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

The Crane (unusually tall melee type, speaks like a mix between Saint of Killers and Anton Chigurh)

"Death is weakness leaving your body."
"My fists, your death, my love."
"Flesh is made to be pounded."
"You were anxious, now you are at peace."
"Shuffle off this mortal coil, but gently."
"Your journey is over, so mine can continue."
"Life is suffering, yours is over."
"Through pain, I have made you free."

The Pacifist (bad at shooting but hard to hit, constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown)

"I think I'm going to puke."
"You made me do this!"
"Sometimes violence is... necessary... I hope this was one of those times."
"I am so sorry about this."
"What have I become?"
"I wish there was another way."
"Next time give peace a chance, ok?"

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