Sunday, September 16, 2012

Further To Our Conversation

Building on our previous conversation - IN YOUR FACE (on easy difficulty)!!

And then after the giant letters float away, my chariot arrives... to take me to the space credits.

But seriously though, I had this? I had this all this time and I fought all those monsters with handheld weapons? Really? Was I afraid to scratch the paintjob on my ride? Who does that?

Anyway. Intrusion 2 is a pretty cool action platformer in the classic spirit of Metal Slug and some others that most probably exist but I haven't played because platformers aren't really my thing. So that's how good this was. Or rather that's how good the good bits were. Like when the cyborg girl with a giant gun deployed a disco ball in the cave we were fighting in to reflect her laser off of it and kill me. That was pretty cool. You also get to ride a big old wolf at some point. It bites your enemies.

Give it at go here or here. There's also a demo.

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